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      fentanyl drug information       advocacy, support, awareness, prevention       human interest / opinion      
      Fentanyl Drug Profile European Monitoring Centre - Good page for technical information on fentanyl       Georgia Overdose Prevention - Website

Georgia Overdose Prevention - Facebook page  Georgia Overdose Prevention helped to advocate for the Ga 911 medical amnesty law and helps to acquire naloxone kits

      This Calgary mother whose son died of fentanyl overdose wants you to be able to spot the warning signs      
      How recreational use of fentanyl kills       Face The Fentanyl - Ontario, Canada  Canada government site dedicated to prevention of fentanyl deaths       The Opioid Epidemic's Biggest Culprit Isn't Heroin Anymore — It's Something Much Deadlier      
      Here's What Happens During a Fentanyl Overdose       Recall Report was created to provide information on dangerous drugs and their side effects. Recall Report also provides health information on a variety of subjects, including substance abuse, addiction, and mental health.       'That Fentanyl — That's Death': A Story Of Recovery In Baltimore      
      Why fentanyl is deadlier than heroin, in a single photo       Fentanyl Legislation Nationwide ..Magnolia Advocacy - Facebook a fentanyl awareness page based in Tennessee       What It Feels Like To Have An Opioid Addiction
A behavioral pharmacologist who has lived the experience.
      Signs and Symptoms of Fentanyl Abuse- Narconon       Cherokee Co., GA Fight Heroin & Meth Addiction - Facebook Group Page       A teen addict turned advocate hopes to steer others from drugs      
      Counterfeit Prescription Pills Containing Fentanyls: A Global Threat - DEA       The Keely Foundation a GA based site focused on heroin use and addiction       Where's justice in overdose fatalities?  A father fights for his son who he believes unknowingly took fentanyl, leading to his death.      
      National Institute on Drug Abuse- fentanyl page       Heroin. Stop the Silence. Speak the Truth. Start the Conversation       52 weeks, 52 faces  Obituaries narrate lives lost to the opioid epidemic - Dec. 2016      
      W-18 Drug Information       100x stronger than fentanyl       Fentanyl Kills - Facebook Page a fentanyl awareness page based in Tennessee       What We’re All Getting Wrong About America’s Opioid Crisis      
      Carfentanil - Drug Information  Deadly Carfentanil: 100 Times Stronger than Fentanyl       Gone Too Soon - The Dangers of Fentanyl a public facebook site in Canada focused on informing the public about fentanyl       Calgary mom hopes photo of dying son will deter others from using fentanyl      
      This Is U-47700, Once a Lab Experiment, Now a Killer Opiod               35-yr old heroin addict gives TV interview about her addiction      
      Why teen brains are more vulnerable to fentanyl and opioid addiction       Brett Bramble Walks - Website  Brett Bramble of Gwinnett Co., GA walks across America for drug overdose

Brett Bramble Walks - Facebook page

      NW Fla Mom  mourns daughter Sarah Stanley's  fentanyl death through advocacy      
      How Opioids Kill  What happens in the body during a fatal overdose? And why is fentanyl responsible for more deaths than ever?               How a little-known patent for a single pill sparked Canada’s opioid crisis      
      Fentanyl and Heroin Related Deaths in North Carolina, 2016               A grieving father's letter to his daughter who died of a heroin overdose      
                      What I Wish More People Understood About Losing A Child    Paula Stephens      
      use, abuse, addiction treatment facilities choose this link for a list of professional treatment centers and organizations that help to locate treatment               Farmer wanted to leave the farm to his kids, but two OD’d and he doesn’t trust third not to..      
                      The Children of the Opioid Crisis      
                      America's Opium War: How Fentanyl Will Lead All Overdose Deaths in 2017      
                      Must Read: How legalization of marijuana has fueled the heroin / fentanyl crisis
El Chapo and the Secret History of the Heroin Crisis
                      Why Heroin Users Aren't As Afraid of Deadly Fentanyl As They Should Be      
                      How America Got Hooked on Fentanyl  "There are regions, like the Northeast, where it’s impossible to find heroin that does not contain fentanyl.”      
                      Hooked on Heroin: Deadlier Than Ever" 5-part series from WTOP      
                      Addition By Subtraction At CDC: Good Riddance, Tom Frieden.-and- How CDC bolstered the opiod crisis      
                      Fentanyl, once obscure, is the deadly drug du jour      
                      Substance Use, Mental Health & the Road to Recovery: ‘Like Juggling Explosives Blindfolded’      
                      2016: The year of the fentanyl crisis: How we got here      

              Fentanyl is not a problem. Drug laws are the problem.      
                    A radical approach to fatal overdoses: treating them like homicides      
                    In America's drug death capital: How heroin is scarring the next generation      
                    The new face of fentanyl addiction: Kati's story      
                    Dope Sick  A harrowing story of best friend's, addiction — and a stealth killer      
                    Is ‘Malicious Actor’ Behind Fentanyl Overdoses?      
                    AL family publishes stirring obituary after daughter dies of overdose      
                      What the Painkillers Took    fentanyl robs a Georgia family of a daughter and a mother