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    2/6/2018 FL woman / dealer busted with 21 bags of fentanyl in sting op.       2/5/2018 UK: Man who bought fentanyl from China and shipped around the world jailed    
    2/1/2018 TBI: Pill mills producing lethal counterfeit opioids       1/10/2018 President Trump signs bill to provide fentanyl screening equipment at borders, ports, postal facilities    
    2/1/2018 Lubbock, TX man pleads guilty in furanyl fentanyl distribution conspiracy       1/10/2018 Justice Department Targets Overseas Traffickers in Fight Against Fentanyl     
    2/1/2018 NC: Fentanyl supplier arrested following major bust       2/1/2018 Canada: Fentanyl-related deaths up by 30 per cent in Maple Ridge    
    1/31/2018 AL Senate approves bill raising penalties for trafficking fentanyl       2/1/2018 CBSA officers discovering more fentanyl in packages crossing into Canada    
    1/31/2018 TX: Jefferson County Sheriff's office on the lookout for Fentanyl       2/1/2018 Mother and daughter Morrisville, VT residents charged with distributing fentanyl, heroin and oxycodone    
    1/30/2018 Man and step-daughter arrested for alleged Fentanyl shipment found at UPS in Beaumont, TX       2/1/2018 2.5 pounds of Fentanyl found during Kansas traffic stop    
    1/29/2018 NC: Deputies seize enough fentanyl to kill everyone in New Hanover County, twice       2/1/2018 OH: Baggie of fentanyl discovered at Indian Lake Middle School    
    1/26/2018 FL: fries or fentanyl? Detectives arrest 43 in Steak ‘n Shake drug bust       2/1/2018 PA: Two heavily pregnant woman die of fentanyl overdoses    
    1/26/2018 Bradenton, FL drug dealer sold fentanyl that killed woman; he now faces a long prison sentence       1/31/2018 The Surprising Ease of Buying Fentanyl Online    
    1/26/2018 FL: Heroin dealer used teenage children to package, distribute drugs       1/31/2018 Fentanyl seizure had enough doses to poison all of NYC and New Jersey - 18 million lethal doses    
    1/23/2018 Trussville, AL veterinarian bought 36k fatal doses of fentanyl on dark web with Bitcoin       1/31/2018 PA: Charges filed in woman's fatal overdose on heroin, fentanyl    
    1/18/2018 22-year-old Fort Myers woman arrested after being found with Fentanyl       1/30/2018 Fentanyl Overdoses May Cause Lasting Amnesia    
    1/5/2018 FL: More dealers in Seminole County charged with homicide as overdose deaths spike       1/30/2018 The opioid crisis has moved beyond prescription pills to deadly fentanyl    
    1/4/2018 Winter Park, FL Man who provided fentanyl that led to overdose death charged       1/29/2018 Fentanyl deaths are on the rise in Montana    
    10/5/2017 Atlanta-based fentanyl broker went to Gulfport, MS to confirm secure location for a drug delivery       1/29/2018 UK: Three musicians killed by fentanyl od at the same house within five days    
    10/5/2017 Investigators warn of fentanyl-laced cocaine after death of Atlanta doctor and friend       1/26/2018 Police in Mexico find 100 lbs of fentanyl in multi-drug stash     
    10/4/2017 New fentanyl analogue in GA: Acrylfentanyl.  Doctor: Illicit fentanyl getting more immune to antidote drug       1/26/2018 China pledges to cooperate on fentanyl shipments as US slams postal transports    
    10/3/2017 video: South Carolina Woman Receives $400,000 Of Drugs In The Mail       1/25/2018 Police warning of dangerous new substances used to lace heroin, fentanyl    
    9/9/2017 Gulfport, MS: 4Kg fentanyl confiscated; 2 cartel couriers arrested       1/25/2018 Fentanyl is lethal and almost impossible to keep out of the country    
    8/18/2017 Officials: Marijuana laced with fentanyl is in Tennessee       1/24/2018 For Chinese fentanyl sellers, USPS is the ‘virtually guaranteed’ route to not get caught    
    8/18/2017 South Carolina: It’s ‘9/11 every 3 weeks.’ Fatal overdoses 3X last year's number       1/24/2018 Drug sellers exploit the Postal Service to ship fentanyl to US    
    8/10/2017 AL: Feds arrest 3 Gadsden men on fentanyl, heroin distribution charges       1/24/2018 Calgary mother whose son died of fentanyl overdose wants you to be able to spot the warning signs    
    7/31/2017 AL: 7000 fatal doses of fentanyl seized by Pelham Police in drug bust       1/24/2018 Chinese labs use mail to send opioid fentanyl into US, Senate report finds    
    7/18/2017 Mexican cartel is shipping synthetic drugs to Georgia, U.S.attorney says       1/24/2018 Feds: Guatemalan Man Busted With More Than 5 Kilos of Fentanyl    
    7/18/2017 10-yr. old boy died in Florida with fentanyl in his system- may be youngest ever       1/19/2018 OH school board member ODs in car, fentanyl and marijuana found inside console    
    6/27/2017 GBI says two new fentanyl analogues, resistant to naloxone, found in Forsyth Co.       1/19/2018 Tom Petty died from an accidental drug overdose involving painkiller Fentanyl    
    6/22/2017 Marietta, GA- Fed. agents raid home in deadly fentanyl drug investigation       1/18/2018 Pueblo County, CO sees spike in fentanyl deaths    
    6/22/2017 Roswell, GA Woman accused of selling pills containing fentanyl from her home       1/18/2018 PA woman jailed for exposing infant to fentanyl    
    6/13/2017 NC deputies seize 2 kilos of fentanyl; enough for about 1 million fatal doses       1/18/2018 WI: Fond du Lac man gets 10 years for friend's fentanyl overdose    
    6/11/2017 Drug overdose deaths reach record in Mississippi       1/17/2018 OH: Overdose deaths involving cocaine and fentanyl doubled from 2016-2017    
    6/8/2017 GA Officials Find Potent New Form Of Fentanyl In Mass Overdoses       1/17/2018 ‘Pray for death’: Albanian crew kept selling fentanyl, even after ring member overdosed: DEA    
    6/8/2017 Macon, GA: 4 Dead, 30 hospitalized from fake Percocet pills made from fentanyl       1/16/2018 MI: Domestic incident leads to massive fentanyl and steroid drug bust    
    6/7/2017 Macon family looses two of their loved ones to overdose in one day       1/13/2018 Mexican traffickers making NYC a hub for lucrative — and deadly — fentanyl    
    5/23/2017 Fentanyl disguised as OxyContin in NC drug bust       1/13/2018 NYC Fireman busted for selling fentanyl he bought off dark web    
    5/22/2017 GBI confirms 4 deaths from carfentanil in Atlanta so far       1/13/2018 York County, PA heroin, fentanyl overdose deaths almost double in 2017    
    5/17/2017 GBI confirms first victim of 'gray death' drug in Georgia       1/12/2018 VA 'King of Death' pleads guilty to heroin, fentanyl trafficking    
    5/13/2017 Fentanyl overdoses skyrocket in Daytona, Volusia County       1/11/2018 RI: 'Sell Drugsz' rapper sentenced to 3 years in prison for trafficking heroin, fentanyl    
    5/10/2017 FL: Fentanyl deaths on the rise in St. Johns County as state continues to battle opioid epidemic       1/11/2018 N.Dakota man gets 65 months for dealing fentanyl pills    
    5/5/2017 GA: Deadly Opioid Drug Epidemic Leads To GBI Warning       1/4/2018 OH: “El Chapo Junior” sentenced to 12 yrs in prison for fentanyl and firearm    
    5/5/2017 Fentanyl is killing more Floridians than any other single drug       10/30/2017 Fentanyl driving surge in fatal U.S. opioid overdoses    
    5/5/2017 Florida lawmakers impose mandatory minimums for fentanyl       10/4/2017 Fentanyl overdoses are side effect of war on drugs, expert warns    
    5/4/2017 Furanylfentanyl found in Gwinnett Co. - This drug is so potent, you can die from touching it.       10/3/2017 Philadelphia seizure: Enough fentanyl to kill half the county's residents    
    5/4/2017 GA makes naloxone easier to obtain       9/18/2017 Record bust: enough fentanyl to kill 32 million people seized in NY    
    5/2/2017 FL / GA: ‘Gray death,’ the drug that looks like concrete, kills in one dose       9/18/2017 Fentanyl blamed as overdoses, deaths race ahead of 2016 pace in Cincinnati    
    4/30/2017 Tennessee issues Public Health Advisory on Fentanyl       9/8/2017 Dozens of bags of fentanyl found at Philadelphia school    
    4/24/2017 Forsyth Co., GA: 36 hours, 4 overdoses, 2 deaths: Is fentanyl in your neighborhood?       9/2/2017 Fentanyl deaths in 2016: Up 540% in three Years     
    4/20/2017 Florida House passes bill allowing drug dealers to be charged with manslaughter       8/22/2017 Mexico seizes 200 lbs fentanyl- enough to kill 40 million!    
    4/20/2017 Georgia getting $11.7 million in grants to fight painkiller overdose epidemic       8/22/2017 Alberta, Canada: Fentanyl 'stickers' suspected in fatal overdose    
    4/19/2017 NC: Fentanyl Overdoses Jumped in 2016       8/21/2017 NJ: Man busted; brought enough fentanyl to kill over 5 million people into U.S. At 31 lbs, may be largest bust ever.    
    4/15/2017 Man arrested at airport transporting fentanyl from FL to NC.... in his stomach       8/18/2017 Man with ties to Mexican cartel arrested: biggest fentanyl bust in Arizona history, 30,000 pills    
    4/13/2017 Alabama crackdown on fentanyl continues to gain momentum       8/16/2017 San Antonio fentanyl pill operation shut down, 14 people arrested    
    4/6/2017 Cumming, GA chosen as pilot community in addiction program       8/16/2017 Autopsy reports discover 4 new kinds of fentanyl in Oklahoma    
    4/4/2017 Tenn. Cops seize 10 kilos of fentanyl, worth $13M, In Drug Bust... enough for 5 million fatal doses       8/15/2017 NJ: 13-year-old boy dies from mix of heroin and fentanyl    
    3/30/2017 Cumming, GA: Brothers accused of selling deadly Fentanyl online       8/15/2017 Fentanyl linked to thousands of urban overdose deaths    
    3/20/2017 Birmingham man pleads guilty to selling fentanyl that killed Pelham woman       8/13/2017 Fentanyl in NYC: How Officials Are Battling the Opioid Crisis in NYC    
    3/20/2017 Orlando man pleads guilty to selling heroin mixed with fentanyl       8/9/2017 Fentanyl Crisis: Deadly Drug Easily Available for Online Purchase    
    3/12/2017 Fighting fentanyl: MS Police hope education will curb use of deadly drug       7/24/2017 DEA busts Chinese fentanyl dealer who set up shop in U.S.    
    3/11/2017 Fla Mom mourns daughter’s fentanyl OD through advocacy       7/6/2017 Recent study shows over half of all overdose deaths are caused by fentanyl    
    3/9/2017 NC AG emphasizes prevention, treatment to combat opioid crisis       7/5/2017 Fentanyl Overdose Cases Continue to Rise in San Diego County    
    3/8/2017 Suspected heroin, fentanyl seized in $500,000 Madison County drug bust with ties to Gadsden       6/30/2017 Border Patrol seizes enough fentanyl to kill 7 million people.    
    3/6/2017 Drug dealers as murderers? Proposed Florida law targets sellers       6/20/2017 45 Kilograms Fentanyl, enough for over 20 MILLION FATAL DOSES, confiscated in San Diego    
    3/2/2017 SC lawmakers introduce 10 bills to fight opioid epidemic       6/13/2017 Ohio couple charged for mailing, receiving packages with fentanyl    
    3/1/2017 Feds: Charleston-area man imported large amounts of fentanyl, then shipped drug nationwide       6/10/2017 Dark-web sales flooding U.S. mailboxes with deadly opioids    
    2/20/2017 GA mom files wrongful death suit after son dies from counterfeit pills containing fentanyl       6/9/2017 Agents raid MASS. storage facility, find $570M in chemical used to produce fentanyl, may be DEAs largest    
    2/14/2017 Deadly opioid fentanyl on the rise in SC       6/8/2017 Arizona Fentanyl seizures skyrocket    
    2/14/2017 'A plague on society': Fentanyl deaths in Jefferson County, AL (Birmingham) more than doubled in 2016        6/7/2017 Almost 60,000 Drug Overdose Deaths in 2016; ‘Largest Annual Increase in American History’ For Americans under the age of 50, drug overdoses now are the leading cause of death    
    2/13/2017 Lethal opioid ‘China white’ fentanyl cases on the rise in SC       6/7/2017 Heroin users want to avoid fentanyl but can not    
    1/17/2017 Paulding Co., GA Sheriff’s office using donated medicine to save overdose victims       5/23/2017 Ohio Coroner Runs Out Of Room For Bodies Due To Opioid Deaths    
    1/9/2017 Atlanta-Sandy Springs podiatrist charged with illegal distribution of opioids       5/22/2017 Fentanyl suspected in string of WI deaths    
    12/28/2016 Overdoses Plague North Carolina       5/17/2017 U.S., Mexico Bolster Efforts to Combat Deadly Tide of Fentanyl    
    12/26/2016 Deaths from fentanyl, heroin up in Florida       5/13/2017 Party drugs increasingly being laced with fentanyl    
    12/13/2016 FLA Senate bill would strengthen fentanyl trafficking penalties       5/10/2017 MA: Focus of Opioid Epidemic Shifts From Heroin to Fentanyl    
    12/9/2016 8 charged from heroin, fentanyl ring; drug deals linked to 2 New Orleans area deaths       5/2/2017 Baltimore homicide detectives to begin investigating drug overdoses    
    11/21/2016 synthetic fentanyls add to Manatee County's heroin epidemic       4/28/2017 Fentanyl deaths rising in Central Texas, going untracked    
    11/7/2016 Police were probing Gwinnett dealer as three overdosed with his drugs  - follow-up #2 to 1/8/2016 story       4/24/2017 NH treats overdoses as crime scenes, targets drug dealers    
    11/4/2016 Over 50 killed from drug overdoses in Broward County, FL       4/24/2017 Mom posts picture of dying son on Facebook to warn others about fentanyl    
    11/3/2016 Did They Have to Die? -follow-up to the 1/8/2016 story below       4/23/2017 Fentanyl, a ruthless, indiscriminate killer, taking a big toll in Ohio    
    10/30/2016 Authorities Charge Five in Fentanyl Case in Tennessee       4/22/2017 PA woman's overdose obituary attracts attention from White House    
    10/20/2016 GBI Expands Morgue To Handle Overdose Death Increase       4/19/2017 Trump Administration awards grants to states to combat opioid crisis    
    10/5/2016 Manatee is drug death capital of Florida       4/13/2017 Mass. Study: Illicit Fentanyl Involved in Most Opioid Fatalities    
    9/21/2016 Heroin, fentanyl overdoses overwhelm Miami first responders       4/12/2017 Rhode Island's first murder conviction of drug dealer in connection with an overdose death    
    9/16/2016 97 bags of fentanyl found on NC street       3/29/2017 Underground labs in China are devising potent new opiates faster than authorities can respond    
    9/15/2016 Univ. of Ala. student charged for fentanyl trafficking   $1.5M bond       3/29/2017 NYPD busts 34 in massive NYC drug ring involving heroin, fentanyl, cocaine    
    9/15/2016 More on carfentanil in Ga       3/25/2017 Mother wants justice for daughter who overdosed on fentanyl    
    9/10/2016 Florida: Spike in heroin, fentanyl overdoses leads to over-capacity morgue, record number of autopsies       3/22/2017 Ohio drug bust yields enough fentanyl for nearly 1 million fatal doses    
    8/31/2016 Carfentanil is now in GA       3/18/2017 Ohio pilot, wife found dead in apparent fentanyl overdose    
    8/12/2016 Heroin / fentanyl overdoses in Delray Beach hit record in July       3/17/2017 Pill presses for counterfeit drugs seized in record numbers    
    8/8/2016 Florida man guilty of distributing fentanyl resulting in death       3/14/2017 Study finds Opioid overdose risk rises with use of benzodiazepine anti-anxiety drugs (alprazolam, Xanax, etc)    
    7/11/2016 Birmingham AL: Jefferson Co. sees 25 heroin, Fentanyl deaths in June; 103 fatal overdoses so far in 2016        3/14/2017 Canadian pharmacy finds fentanyl in 90% of street drugs tested    
    7/1/2016 Alabama drug dealer jailed on $1 million bond after deadly heroin, fentanyl overdose       3/13/2017 Fentanyl 'life changing' for cops, lab techs    
    6/6/2016 Bartow Co., GA | Deputies make one of the largest fentanyl busts in the US       3/12/2017 Lawmakers seek to curb deadly shipments of fentanyl into Maine by US mail    
    5/24/2016 WSB-TV 2-investigates: by Tom Regan
deadly counterfeit drugs coming to georgia from china
      3/9/2017 Dozens accused of dealing fentanyl-laced heroin on Chicago's West Side    
    5/2/2016 Wilmington NC man arrested in largest Fentanyl bust in Brunswick Co. history       3/9/2017 Report: NH opioid deaths could hit 478 for 2016    
    4/29/2016 Miami: Heroin, fentanyl a deadly duo as Florida overdose deaths skyrocket       3/9/2017 N.H. AG Defends Tough Stance on Drug Dealers, Equates Selling Fentanyl With Selling Poison    
    2/22/2016 WSB-TV 2-Investigates: Urgent Warning Issued About Deadly Counterfeit Drug       3/3/2017 Vancouver's top doctor: Decriminalize all illicit drugs, now    
    4/13/2016 Indictments for 2 suspects in fentanyl-laced heroin death of Huntsville man       2/28/2017 Fentanyl: Cartels pushing deadly painkiller through San Diego    
    4/5/2016 Deadly fentanyl-laced pills emerge in Central Florida       2/23/2017 Drug samples containing fentanyl doubling every year in Canada    
    3/22/2016 Gwinnett Co. man, Brett Bramble, walks across US in honor of his sister Brittany who died from overdose       2/21/2017 Massachusetts: 2016 fentanyl deaths estimated at 1,485    
    3/22/2016 New Synthetic Drug, W-18, Found in South Fla. more potent than fentanyl       2/12/2017 Deadly fentanyl found added to cocaine, marijuana    
    3/21/2016 Clearwater, FL: Nine Overdose Deaths in 2016 Linked to Counterfeit Xanax       2/10/2017 Six pounds of fentanyl, enough to kill millions, seized during Ohio traffic stop    
    3/8/2016 TBI Charges Five Individuals in Multi-Agency Drug Investigation       2/10/2017 Cocaine laced with heroin, fentanyl linked to string of Ohio overdose deaths    
    2/8/2016 Chattanoogan:  Warning Issued About Counterfeit Prescription Pills       2/10/2017 Fentanyl 'stickers' raising concerns in Wood County, W. Va.    
    1/29/2016 TBI:  TBI, Putnam Sheriff Seize Clandestine Drugs, Warn Public of Dangers       12/22/2016 British Columbia: More than 80% of drugs sold as cocaine or heroin are testing positive for fentanyl; est. 800 deaths in 2016    
    1/8/2016 Gwinnett Daily Post: Lilburn Dealer Whose Heroin Fentanyl Killed Three Sentenced       12/16/2016 The fentanyl crisis is so deadly even funeral directors need the antidote    
    12/26/2015 Gwinnett Daily Post:  Gwinnett Surpasses Records for Drug Deaths in a Year       12/13/2016 Penn: Too deadly to handle - Surge in fentanyl deaths gets attention    
    12/22/2015 11 Overdoses Reported in Winchester, TN in Two Weeks from Fake Percocet       12/11/2016 Pills that kill: why are thousands dying from fentanyl abuse?    
    12/11/2015 Northwest Georgia News: Two More Charged In Powdered Fentanyl Trafficking Case - Georgia Man       12/2/2016 Delivered ‘Like A Pizza’: Why Killer Drug Fentanyl Is So Hard To Stop    
    8/30/2015 Georgia Health News: Heroin Laced With Illicit Version of Fentanyl       11/22/2016 HUGE fentanyl bust in Utah- several hundred thousand fake oxycodone and fake xanax pills made from fentanyl,    
    8/26/2015 Ga. Public Broadcasting: How the Prescription Painkiller Fentanyl Became a Street Drug       11/17/2016 Surgeon General calls drug crisis ‘a moral test for America’    
    7/6/2015 Forsyth Herald:  Heroin: Lethal, Cheap and in the Suburbs       11/16/2016 combating drug trade may mean starting with China, not Mexico    
    6/26/2015 Ga. Public Broadcasting: Illicit Version of Painkiller Fentanyl Makes Heroin Deadlier       11/12/2016 Deadly Counterfeit Pills Fooling Experts, Killing Californians    
    5/21/2015 Creative Loafing: Metro Atlanta Heroin Growing More Dangerous       11/8/2016 OD deaths reach rate of  5-per-day in Massachusetts    
    5/14/2015 TBI:  TBI Warns About Counterfeit Oxycodone Pills        11/8/2016 Minnesota raid seizes record amount of fentanyl    
    4/28/2015 WSB-TV: Murder Charge Filed Following Fentanyl Overdose       11/7/2016 Mass. deaths continue to rise as fentanyl takes center stage    
    4/11/2015 Greenville, SC: Death Toll Mounts as Fentanyl Invades Illicit Upstate Drug Market       11/3/2016 Ordering deadly drugs from China is easy    
    4/3/2015 Birmingham: Fentanyl Joins Heroin as the Latest Killer       10/30/2016 In this N.J. county, overdose deaths continue to 'spiral out of control'    
              10/6/2016 DEA investigates multiple fentanyl deaths in Ruidoso, NM    
              9/26/2016 A huge amount of fentanyl is being seized at the Canadian border    
              9/15/2016 Delta, BC, Canada: Eight overdoses in 20 minutes    
              9/12/2016 W. VA. U.S. Attorney afraid that string of fentanyl overdoses will become permanent    
              8/26/2016 Cincinnati- 78 ODs in 2 days; 174 in 1 week. Carfentanil suspected.    
              8/25/2016 5 Lbs (2.2 Kg) of fentanyl seized from car in Indiana    
              8/18/2016 Philadelphia: officials announce initiative to reduce fentanyl deaths    
              8/18/2016 Philadelphia: Fentanyl deaths have increased 636% in two years    
              8/12/2016 Fentanyl analogue Carfentanil showing up in Oregon- 100x more potent    
              8/11/2016 Milwaukee: 20 deaths in last 2 weeks    
              8/09/2016 Canada: Calgary man charged with importing drug 100 times more powerful than fentanyl- carfentanil    
              8/05/2016 Massachusetts: Fentanyl continues to drive overdose deaths in 2016    
              8/04/2016 Fentanyl causing 2/3 of opioid-related deaths in Mass.    
              7/12/2016 Bismarck, North Dakota: Warning about marijuana laced with fentanyl being sold    
              7/07/2016 Alberta Canada drug bust kept millions of deadly fentanyl pills off streets, police say    
              6/23/2016 The Chinese Connection - Fueling America's Fentanyl Crisis    
              6/21/2016 Arizona DEA agents bust nation's first-known fentanyl-laced Spice lab    
              5/26/2016 FDA Approves Implant to Battle Opioid Addiction    
              5/24/2016 Austin TX Police Make Arrests In Fentanyl Drug Overdose Deaths    
              5/19/2016 Big Fentanyl bust in Conneticut-enough fentanyl to kill over 1 million people.    
              4/26/2016 Chinese labs modify deadly fentanyl to circumvent ban on sales to US    
              4/22/2016 W18-Fentanyl analogue, new street drug with crazy potency  10,000 times as powerful as morphine, emerging on streets    
              4/21/2016 Deadly Fentanyl Trade Linked To Chinese Companies    
              4/18/2016 US refuses to release records on Chinese companies linked to fentanyl trade    
              4/18/2016 Police in Canada seize $1.5M of fentanyl, including 76,000 fake oxycodone pills    
              4/16/2016 Fake hydrocodone pills made from fentanyl seized at Cal - Mexico border    
              4/11/2016 Synthetic opiate makers stay ahead of US drug laws as overdose cases rise    
              4/8/2016 Fentanyl Death Pills Spreading Coast-to-Coast    
              4/7/2016 Fentanyl deaths for 1st  3 months of 2106 match total for 2015 Milwaukee Co. WI    
              4/5/2016 Chinese suppliers flood US and Canada with deadly fentanyl    
              4/4/2016 Officials sound the alarm over deadly synthetic fentanyl in Minnesota    
              4/1/2016 Batch of counterfeit Norco (hydrocodone) pills distributed in Sacramento causes 36 overdoses, 9 deaths in just a few days.    
              3/25/2016 Sacramento: 12 Overdoses in 48 Hours on Fentanyl-Laced Prescription Hydrocodone Pills    
              3/20/2016 This Drug Now Rivals Heroin as a Killer, and the Drug War is to Blame     
              2/19/2016 Ohio: Wood County Man Charged in Fentanyl, Cocaine Overdose Death    
              10/28/2015 Counterfeit Xanax Has Now Killed At Least Three People In San Francisco    
              10/26/2015 CDC: Increases in Fentanyl Drug Confiscations and Fentanyl-related Overdose Fatalities    
              10/2/2015 Chicago: 74 Overdoses in 72 hours: Fentanyl-Laced Heroin May Be To Blame    
              9/26/2015 Father of Daughter Who Died of Heroin Use Wants Her Death 'To Mean Something'    
              8/5/2015 British Columbia's Top Doctors Place Fentanyl Deaths in the Context of Prohibition    
              4/13/2015 Drugs Laced With Fentanyl Linked To Over 70 Deaths In Southeast Michigan    
      Florida boy, 10, dies of fentanyl overdose after visiting swimming pool       3/18/2015 DEA Issues Nationwide Alert on Fentanyl as Threat    


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