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    Videos from Georgia and the Southeast  
   Jun 10, 2017 A video of lost loved loved ones by Keely Foundation  and Cherokee County Fight Heroin -Meth addiction. Facebook group  
   Mar 3, 2017 The Triangle Is Growing       an update to the original series "Inside the Triangle" (link below)  11Alive News Atlanta  
   Feb 20, 2017 GA mom files wrongful death suit after son dies from counterfeit pills conaining fentanyl      WSB-TV Atlanta News:  
   Jan 3, 2017 NC Mother speaks of addiction after daughter found dead from apparent overdose at Taco Bell  
   Sep 2, 2016 Super-deadly Carfentanil surfaces in Georgia  
   Jun 6, 2016 Georgia deputies make one of the largest fentanyl busts in the country  
   Mar. 21, 2016 Pinellas Co., FL Sheriff Warns of Fake Xanax Pills Made from Fentanyl - Already killed 9  
   Feb 22, 2016 Urgent warning issued about deadly counterfeit drug  - WSB-TV Atlanta News:  
   Feb. 2016 Inside the Triangle  11Alive Atlanta News:  This documentary program was aired on 11Alive about the heroin (and fentanyl) problem in the northern suburbs of Atlanta.  
   Dec. 21, 2015 Man sentenced to prison in friend's overdose death - WSB-TV Atlanta News:     
   Apr. 28, 2015 Murder charge filed following Fentanyl overdose death - WSB-TV Atlanta News:     
    Videos from US and Canada  
   Jul 6, 2017 This video shows how fentanyl affects the brain  
   Mar 1, 2017 The Street Preacher     from Stray Matter
In a world hooked on drugs, Fentanyl is quickly becoming a murderous epidemic that has claimed the lives of thousands. Caught in the deep end of the crisis 
we drop in on Smokey D - a recovering heroine addict turned vigilante street artist, hell-bent on spreading the word about the terrifying new drug that took the life of his soulmate and hundreds of his friends. Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada
   Feb 15, 2017 Chesterfield Co., VA Sheriff Karl Leonard explains his Addiction Rehab Program - Quite possibly a model for all jurisdictions  
   Jan 17, 2017 Crime Watch Daily Special Investigation: Heroin - the new killer next door  
   Dec 3, 2016 Inside St. Paulís ER: The Front Line of the Overdose Crisis  
   Sep 2, 2016 Fentanyl doesn't care who you are. It will take you.  
   Aug 6, 2016 Concerns grow as fentanyl fuels rise in opioid overdose deaths  a good 5-min interview about the increase in opiod death and spread of fentanyl  
   Jul 22, 2016 Fentanyl: The Drug Deadlier than Heroin  VICE presents an immersive and personal feature film about the fentanyl crisis in Canada told from the perspective of a community of drug users.  52 min.  
   Mar 19, 2016 Face the Fentanyl: Tina's story (from Canada)  
   Mar 15, 2016 QFS: How Fentanyl Works and Why it's Dangerous  
   Mar 9, 2016 DEA raids fentanyl lab in Seattle neighborhood  
   Feb 4, 2016  "Chasing the Dragon"  The Life of an Opiate Addict   a new documentary film produced by the FBI and DEA about addition and drug abuse  
   Feb. 2016

The Naked Truth - Death By Fentanyl  - Fusion Network  This is a documentary program that was aired on the Fusion Network. It is based in and around Boston. This exposes some of the responsibility of pharmaceutical companies for the fentanyl problem. It is a good program. It even goes into Mexico to a heroin "lab."

   Sep. 11, 2015 Prominent Canada Physician Discusses Illicit Oxycodone Tablets Made from Fentanyl  
   Mar. 25, 2015 Five Questions About Fentanyl- Good Info